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Easter Sunday members of St. John Church came together to share how Jesus Christ has changed their life. They did this through their own cardboard testimonies.

A cardboard gives the “before” condition in a few words on one side of a cardboard sheet. Then on the reverse is the “after” state of affairs. The service was a great display of God at work in the lives of our congregation. A testimony is a great way to remind ourselves and others that Jesus is alive and working in our world that is so desperate for His love.

Before Christ

  • Lost
  • Broken by the World250GB Storage
  • Never Read the Bible
  • Tormented by Depression and Anxiety
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Battled Alcoholism
  • Wanderer
  • My Job, My House, My Money
  • Always Asking
  • I was broken and messed up and so was our marriage
  • Surrendered Secure Income
  • I turned my back on Christ
  • Was Always
    About Me
  • Life Threatening Fall
  • Was Lost
  • Declining Health, People Prayed


  • Am now Found
  • Put back together by Christ
  • Joined a Life Group, reading the Story
  • Soothed by Jesus
  • Passionate in Jesus works
  • 15 years of Sobriety
  • Welcome Home
  • It all comes from Him
  • The Answer ... Faith
  • I was healed through Chist and so was our family in so many ways
  • God is blessing our family
  • I was welcomed home
  • Now its sometimes about me and always about Jesus
  • Thank you God for saving my son
  • Understanding through the Holy Spirit
  • Healed


  • Ed
  • Sharon
  • Tracey
  • Robin
  • Pat
  • Rob
  • Penny
  • Janet
  • Paul
  • Barry and
  • Scott and Melissa
  • Ron
  • Chris and
  • Jackie
  • Brian
  • Marilyn