Rev. Glen Wells


Rev. Glen Wells


Pastor of the family of St. John is best known for his love of Jesus, heart for the people and humble leadership. These qualities inspire the Council, Board and congregation to step in faith and love amidst life’s joys and challenges. His love for Jesus, character and years of education and experience enable him to uphold the vision and mission of St. John by sharing the Word.

My mission statement is to know, love and follow Jesus Christ, wholeheartedly, while encouraging others to do the same. It’s the heart of who I am and what I am about. Yes, you’ll see me on the golf course playing an O.K. round of golf or picking up a tennis racquet and smashing a ball across the net. I’ll even go to the latest movie, but what matters most is living so Jesus Christ would be delighted in me. I’m pretty normal in most things, 5’10”, I wear a size 11 shoe, but be warned when the conversation turns to spiritual stuff, that’s when I’ll light up. Also know that I’ll try to speak in a way that you can understand, down to earth and real. I hope I can be the kind of pastor you can engage in a conversation about whatever is on your heart, I hope to hear you and treat you with love and respect.

Here is a little about my personal life. I’ve been married to my university sweetheart for over 25 years. Yes, I knew I’d marry her the first time I saw her. We have two fantastic boys…I mean it. Jacob and Jonathan. Our latest addition, our foster baby. Here is a snippet about my faith journey. When I was a 16 year old, struggling with death and the seemingly senselessness of life, I heard a speaker present the love of Jesus Christ for me in a fresh way. Somehow as she spoke, my heart jumped. When the invitation was given to receive Jesus into our lives, I stood up acknowledging before a crowded auditorium my desire. Jesus saw my heart and knew that I truly wanted Him in my life. Even some 30 years later, having Christ in my life is truly the greatest joy I know. So I hope to get a chance to meet you. To share a coffee at Tim’s, to hear your story and if you’ll let me, encourage you to know, love and follow Jesus Christ, wholeheartedly.